New kitchen toy!

I received my Lekue Makisu mat in the mail today and had to celebrate the occasion by making maki. I still need to try out my new french food mill...stay tuned.

Glad we have a place around the corner where on a whim I can pick up fresh yellow tail that made the maki worth having. I am a little rusty at rolling but I think by my third roll I was back in the swing of things. Husband took the pictures, fishy hands and all. The mat is great, but not essential. I would say it's not as rigid as a bamboo mat, however allows to get the rolls tight enough.

Above: Yellow tail maki with wasabi tobiko, daikon and shiso leaf

Below: Maki in progress, unagi (fresh water eel), mango, sesame seeds and daikon atop the Lekue mat

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Ira said...

looks delicious