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After much research to assure a perfect place for a special occasion, we decided on Alex. Joel Robuchon was an equally worthy contender, if not more so, however the luxe atmosphere of Alex won it the top spot for the day. Where else could one eat in such close proximity to David Copperfield? (or so my husband swears...)

We ordered the Tasting Menu paired with wines, which was a great decision, as we tasted wines which we may not have chosen for ourselves and thoroughly enjoyed them. Our waiter was very knowledgeable, which I love. However, I did find him very formal and a bit impersonal. The dishes that stood out for us: butter poached lobster and foie. Both dishes were perfectly cooked and married the ingredients and flavors in creative and unexpected ways. The lobster was served with sea urchin linguine, baby Brussels sprouts and uni. The foie...it was a cloud of goodness, with baby turnips made two different ways, steamed and marinated. Oh, so very, very perfect. The other dishes I found good, but not amazing. The turbot was perhaps a bit overcooked for my taste and I didn't get the relationship between its flavors and the caper salad. The waguy beef was okay. Actually surprisingly chewy on my plate, but my husband had a different experience. The parsnip pannacotta on the same plate was amazing, as was the deep fried bone marrow on top. I would have enjoyed a bit more seasoning on the marrow, as it would have been a good contrast from the parsnip. Warm Madeleines at the end of the meal with the other petite fours were delicious. I especially enjoyed the berry tulle filled cigar. We were sent home happy nonetheless with a box of tiny french lemon-flavored maroons.

If I were to compare this meal to my perhaps small set of culinary adventures, it would be a close second to the one at chef's table at L'Espalier. I do apologize since the following photo account of our experience was taken with a phone camera...

A set of amuse bouche

Butter Poached Maine Lobster with Sea Urchin Linguine and Baby Brussels Sprouts

Pan Seared Foie Gras with Baby Turnips

Waguy Beef


Coconut Tapioca

Stewed Apple Brioche

Warm Madelienes

Petite Four

Happy Birthday Baby!

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