Veal Osso Bucco in Strawberry Lambic and Maple Sauce

A little trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and I ran out of refrigerator space. As any creative cook, I cleaned out by creating a dish that rid me of extra bottles / jars in exchange for the much needed space. In this case, a can of Calimyrna figs, remains of maple syrup, half a bottle of strawberry lambic opened the night prior and freshly purchased, gorgeous slice of veal osso bucco.
I pan roasted the tied, seasoned (with salt and pepper) veal to brown on all sides. Rested it on a bed of sliced onions in a baking pan. Drizzled with pan drippings, strawberry lambic (1/2 bottle), and maple syrup (about 4 tbsp). Threw in the tiny dry figs and covered with tin foil. After roasting covered at 375F for 1.5 hrs, I uncovered, drained the sauce, added seasoned potato wedges and sprayed them with olive oil. Another 25 minutes and we inhaled the very late dinner.

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Evelina said...

This looks very good!