Luc Salsedo in Nice

The bistronomy movement is big in Paris, and apparently in Nice as well. The general rejection of Michelin as a form of rating and the desire of chefs to be closer to their patrons has taken a stronghold over the past 5 years. Reading a few of the more popular French food blogs before the trip, I found a plethora of delicious info on where to go and what to eat. A general who is who of the bistro community is almost as well known as the Michelin rating system itself, at least to the locals and foodies. Most of the chefs have been trained by a superstar, such as Alain Ducasse, as is the case of Luc Salsedo namesake restaurant we dined at in Nice.

The menu here changes every 10 days, is is thus very seasonal by nature. To put things in perspective, it is not the most amazingly creative food, however the execution of the beautifully written menu lives up to its advertisement. The food is perfectly cooked, the technique is great and the ingredients incredible.

The waitress, one of the two in the restaurant, was great, and spoke to us candidly about the Michelin "scene" and the chef's desire to do something different. "Michelin is a mafia of sorts", she said and asked if we were in town for a few more nights. She recommended a few restaurants, that share the camaraderie of same approaches and extend their own network of epicurean experiences.

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