Short Rib and Prune Stew

Another classic dish from my hometown, though with roots from Georgia; short rib and prune stew is an amazing combination.  Buttery, fall-off-the-bone meat is complimented with sweet and tart sauce from the slow-cooked prunes. 

3 lbs short ribs (bone in)
2 c prunes
1 large onion
1 quart of chicken stock (low sodium)
3 carrots, peeled and shredded
bay leaf
salt + pepper
olive oil

Pour hot water over prunes in a small bowl.  Allow to stand while you continue with the recipe.  Braise the short ribs on medium-high heat in olive oil, in a dutch oven.  You may need to do a few batches to allow for plenty of space for browning.  When they are well browned on all sides, add in the onion cut into small wedges and the shredded carrots.  Let cook mixing occasionally, until the onions start becoming soft (about 7 minutes).   Add in the drained prunes.  Add in the chicken stock.  If the stock doesn't cover the meat fully, add some boiled water to cover.  Cook on medium/low heat, covered, for about 1.5 hours.  Check about 1 hour into the cooking process to assure you have enough liquid to avoid burning your stew.  This is a good time to add your bay leaves and salt to taste before you add any additional liquid (you don't want to salt at the begining as the liquid will cook down).

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