Buckwheat and Mushroom Stuffed Roast Chicken

1.5 cup of buckwheat
1 cup dry, cubed shitake mushrooms
1/2 onion, chopped
1 chicken
1 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp sour cream

Wash the chicken and remove giblets and trim any fat. Reserve a piece of fat (and of course the chicken) and disgard the rest.

Rinse buckwheat until the water runs clear. Simmer in 3 cups of water until cooked through. Drain and set aside. Soak mushrooms in hot water. Roast the onions in olive oil until golden. Add in drained mushrooms, chicken fat (Yes! Really!) and buckwheat. Cook for a few minutes to allow some of the fat to render out, and season to taste. Disgard the remaining fat solids. Set aside to cool.

When cooled, stuff the buckwheat mixture into the chicken and stitch closed. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and rub with sour cream. Place into a foil covered baking sheet, sitting up. Think beer can chicken, without the can. The stuffing inside allows for the balance to be maintained. Set into a preheated 350F degree oven for 40-50 minutes, lower to 300 and cook another 20-30 minutes. Baste every 20 minutes and cover part with foil as needed to protect from burning.

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