Omaha Steak

Of all the exotic places one can go to have a steak, I ended up in Omaha, Nebraska. What's in Omaha you ask? Warren Buffett. Fields. And some well fed and groomed cows.

Did you know that there are only 3 Zagat rated restaurants in the entire state of Nebraska? That says a lot...mostly about Zagat though. It's hard for me to believe that the 3 rated ones (all chains) are the only worth rating. Yes, there are a lot of corn fields and it's not a metropolitan hub, but there is something to be said for a slower pace and lifestyle. When I am ready, I do want a beach nearby please.

In the interest of staying close to the hotel, we went to Fleming's. The level of service was impressive. A great wine list with lots of Pinot noir options and a modest selection of entrees (pet peeve: giant menus).

I ordered the petit filet (Omaha's own corn fed) topped with lobster (certainly not Omaha bred) roasted asparagus and seared scallops in béarnaise sauce. The surf and turf combo, though common is hard to pull off. It was pretty great here; both meat and seafood cooked to perfection. The seasoning on the meat was lacking but the sauce on the lobster was spot on. For sides we ordered creamed spinach and roasted mushrooms. For me, the creamed spinach was flavorful, mushrooms on the other hand had too much spice rub going on, which added an unpleasant texture component. Accompanied by the Leyda Chilean Pinot noir, my dinner partner enjoyed his prime rib, on which I can't comment, since I had no more room for taste tests. Overall, pleasant restaurant that exceeded my expectations.

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