Potato Dumplings (картофельные вареники)

In retrospect, this isn't the best photo, but if memory serves me well, I think there was probably 3 seconds between this photo and my husband helping himself to this plate. He is always certain that this isn't his favorite dish, and that the time I invest into making the dumplings would be much better spent on a plum tart, steak or a chocolate brownie. That said, somehow I always end up with a smaller portion and him standing over my shoulder asking if he can eat the filling before I manage to get it into the dough wrapper.

If these didn't disappear so quickly, I would have loved to add a roasted wild mushroom ragu on top....but that's all in retrospect.

You can find the recipe on the process in a previous entry, but here's the detail of the filling:

4 boiling potatoes
1 tbsp butter
1 onion, cut into half rings

Boil and mash the potatoes with butter. Add the roasted onion and season. The finished product should be able to keep its shape well, i.e. denser then a regular mashed potatoes dish.


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