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Thanksgiving Dinner

I have a confession to make. I don't like turkey. It's not personal. I just prefer dark meat to white meat, which is not a favorable proportion in my favor when it comes to turkey. This year it was I who volunteered my house for the Thanksgiving dinner and thus had to make the sacrifice to the Mayflower "gods" and make the white meat monster. Having never made turkey, I did some research and came across the following: a) people are secretly scared of the turkey in fear if drying it out, b) every recipe I came across attempts to flavor the impermeable layer of white meat, and c) there are ALWAYS leftovers. I ordered a fresh (read: not frozen) turkey hen because it was smaller then the tom. I didn't marinate or brine the bird. Instead, I made a rub of mayo, Dijon & spicy mustards and orange juice concentrate, which I slathered on the inside and outside of the bird after seasoning with kosher salt and black pepper. To guarantee the turkey would be moist, I injec

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