A Cheesy Discovery

While looking for something new in the cheese section, I got pulled into a foodie conversation I could not resist. My new acquaintance was well informed on cheese, among other things, and told me that I must try the Fromage D'Affinois. He went on to recommend wines and the perfect cracker. I think my dedication to food pales in comparison.

A short car ride later, with knife in hand (as well as the perfect cracker) I was trying my Fromage. Wow. Where has it been all my life? Think brie (in fact the same preparation) with more creaminess and more sharpness in the rind. It's almost like the Saint Andre, but better. In fact, so much so that the last and final cracker is waiting for me by the keyboard as I finish typing.

Go get some.

picture from http://www.aoap.com.au


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